Home Energy Assessments

If you are experiencing drafty rooms, inconsistent temperatures and/or rising energy costs, then an energy assessment can help formulate the right energy-saving solution for you. During a home energy assessment (also called an energy audit), we will gauge how much energy your home consumes and pinpoint any trouble zones. We use methods such as infrared scanning (known as thermal imaging) to check the effectiveness of the current installed insulation. This will help us determine whether a building needs insulation and, if so, where it should go. We will also view your home as an entire system, assessing how its various components (e.g., HVAC unit, water heater) work together (or against each other).

Using the information gathered, we’ll create a set of steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient. Our goal is to help correct the energy-loss issues in your home so you can save money and be more comfortable no matter the season. According to the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a non-profit organization that has been raising the bar in home performance contracting since 1993, making the energy efficiencies identified in a home energy assessment can save a homeowner 5-30% on monthly energy bills. We’ve been extensively trained and certified through BPI in order to know the most efficient strategies for completing a thorough energy assessment that can benefit your home—and your bills—for years to come.

To learn more about our home energy assessment process, please contact us. Also be sure to check out our Why Insulate? Page for additional information and resources about home energy efficiency.